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Tips and Tricks: What I Learned While Supporting Design Automation for Inventor

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    Forge is a set of web services provided by Autodesk. The Design Automation API is one of its components that added support for Inventor software roughly a year ago. In this class, we will provide an introduction to the Design Automation API and how you can use it to automate Inventor processes. We’ll show how you can estimate and optimize the costs of using this service, and the various ways you can run and speed up processes on the Design Automation service. We will also cover some of the specific tips the speaker learned while helping customers with specific workflows, for example, how to get modeling error details from Inventor, how to obtain a list of supported files types, and other useful ideas. We will demonstrate the coding ideas using the .NET Core development environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what Design Automation is for, and see some example workflows.
    • Learn how to estimate service costs.
    • Learn how to optimize your Design Automation-based services.
    • Learn how to start automation processes multiple ways.