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Electronics for Non-EE’s - Hands-On Workshop

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    Are you an Industrial Designer looking to add light or color or sound to an object?Are you a mechanical engineer looking to add sensors or motion control to a system?Are you an architect looking to transform spaces by controlling the room around you?If so, this course is for you!<br /><br />This course is an intro to electronics design using Autodesk EAGLE and focuses on practical electronics for the non-EE.Spend 60 minutes learning about the design and fabrication of the most fundamental of elements in any electronic system, the Printed Circuit Board (PCB).In this course, we will learn what a PCB is and even design our own PCBs from scratch.We will learn the range of modular electronics options available which simplify electronics design and make design accessible for non-engineers.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the specifics of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), fundamental element in any electronic system.
    • Design your own PCB from scratch using Autodesk EAGLE software.
    • Learn about the range of modular electronics options available and how to use them in your everyday designs.
    • Open the door of the world of electronic design to everyone.