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Electricity 4.0: Powering the New Electric World

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    Climate change is an energy challenge, and the energy world is at a crossroads. We must reconsider how we consume and produce energy and drive the energy transition. Electricity 4.0, a term coined to represent the convergence of electric and digital at scale, can empower the electricity system to become greener and more intelligent putting a zero-waste, zero-emissions, and zero-carbon future within our grasp. It's about accelerating new energy sources to unlock a flexible, reliable bidirectional grid infrastructure, and efficiency measures to avoid energy waste. It's about learning how we consume electricity, optimizing how we deliver it, and managing our sources to have a mix of energy generation that is clean, efficient yet reliable and resilient.

    Key Learnings

    • Understanding both the short- and long-term strategies needed to address
    • Explore the four technology-driven revolutions we have experienced leading up to, Electricity 4.0