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Don’t look back: building a digital-first mindset, one team at a time

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    Digital transformation is a difficult journey. Dynamo, Forge, or BIM 360 are not inherently revolutionary technologies within an organization – at least, not without thoughtful coordination and their purposeful implementation. In this session, we’ll review some tips from the trenches on how enterprises might achieve a ‘digital-first’ mindset, from the identification, development, and implementation of digital initiatives, to their support, measurement, and expansion. We’ll walk you through our strategy and share how use of data and metrics have been instrumental to driving decision-making. We don’t profess to have all the answers, but the team we have assembled at AECOM is eager to share with you our breadth and depth of experience on driving digital transformation from within, to help spur change and enablement across these rapidly changing industries.

    Key Learnings

    • Draw upon data to assess gaps hampering innovation in current operating model
    • Adopt change management principles to drive digital adoption
    • Evaluate different approaches to enhancing digital maturity within a business of any scale
    • Measure your progress using feedback loops and holistic metrics measuring digital maturity