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Digital Twins from the Air Down

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    When reading modern engineering articles about infrastructure and the built environment, it is difficult to find an occurance where Digital Twins are not mentioned. By all accounts, a digital twin of a fixed asset or real-world system is immensely valuable and can be used to support a number of use cases. But, building a digital twin requires a significant amount of data. So, how does one start to build a digital twin? Three-dimensional (3D) basemaps produced from high resolution aerial imagery serve as the foundation and fabric for digital twins. Automated feature extraction from AI uniquely identifies critical infrastructure and can be used to grow an urban digital twin, removes the guess work and shortening the digital twin development time. For engineering professionals interested in exploring the world of digital twins, Nearmap offers a variety of foundational products for getting started.

    Key Learnings

    • Introduce users to the concept of a digital twin and the key concepts and data necessary to build a foundational twin.
    • Leverage nearmap 2D, 3D, and AI content along with Autodesks suite of tools to build a digital twin of an urban environment.
    • Discuss and demonstrate the use cases that the foundational digital twin can support.
    • Identify the types and forms of additional data that could be incorporated to further enrich the digital twin.