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Perfecting the System in Revit MEP

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    AIA CES  It's time to bring back a favorite session on managing Revit MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems. A key component of the Revit workflow, systems define the relationship between HVAC, piping, and electrical components, but they also provide alignment with critical data that helps progress design models toward true digital twins. In this session, we'll begin by reviewing the analytical systems that help define the hierarchy of a system. Then we'll cover the four-step process that creates the relationship between target and source devices, and helps with the creation of connecting geometry. We'll also examine best practices for system families to prevent model issues, and we'll wrap up with ways to collect and share data with external sources. This session will concurrently cover air/fluid/electrical systems in a way to help you understand how to make your systems work consistently and correctly. And you'll get a free parting gift of a template and content to help you get started, so join us for the fast-paced and entertaining session!

    Key Learnings

    • Review HVAC/Electrical/Piping Analytical Systems in a Revit project.
    • Learn about the four-step process and workflows for HVAC, piping and electrical systems, and circuits.
    • Evaluate engineering component families for best system performance and data management.
    • Examine guidelines for sharing MEP data for system analytics and with external resources.