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Digital Transformation of Data from a Disjointed Legacy System into the Cloud

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    Gain insight into how the technology can help transform the traditional organisational system to become modern, productive, and cost-effective by utilising product customisations and configurations that fit the specific organisation's needs. We will show how Upchain answered the call for transforming messy data and legacy systems into a synergy of custom-tailored processes that all work on unified digital transformation. We will show how this process was implemented within ATS Automation Tooling Systems, a company that designs and builds custom factory automation systems.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain insight into how Upchain can bring order to data for an organisation with dozens of legacy systems.
    • Learn how digital transformation helped organisation to move out of traditional, disjointed PLM into a modern and cloud based
    • Discover what practices you can use for utilising mechanical and electrical designs in one system.
    • Which ATS Corporation products and facilities are leveraging the Autodesk Upchain product.