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Digital Transformation for Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM)

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    See how to maximize technology convergence from a digital twin over the entire building assets and operations lifecycle. There are many key topics related to corporate real estate management (CREM). Real estate has a substantial effect on all three main financial statements (cash flow, income, and balance sheet), and is one of the largest costs for manufacturing companies outside of material and personnel. CREM influences tactical operational performances such as labor productivity, well-being, satisfaction, and motivation, as well as strategic ones such as corporate identity fit. For brownfield projects, the aim is to achieve an optimum of the lowest possible vacancy rate, as well as flexibility and adaptability to changes in the company. Technology solutions for CREM are improving project collaboration, energy consumption, and space management, with a proven ROI that includes 10% space reduction of the entire portfolio, 18% reduction in non-value-adding tasks in facility management, and 3% reduction in construction material cost.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to increase profitability of the company as a whole and thus make an important contribution to the company's success.
    • Learn about using a common data environment to govern consistent data flow across the lifecycle.
    • Learn about valued assets within real estate management and the impacts on health, safety, and sustainability.
    • Learn about technology solutions and workflows that can help minimize real estate costs over the lifecycle.