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Designing with Revit: You Can Draw with It—but It’s Also a Database!
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Has a client ever asked what would happen to the budget if you made one tiny change to the whole system? Have you been forced into the awkward position of trying to explain that answering that question would take a long time to work out, or that the estimate you are about to give cannot be trusted? Everyone says that it's important to take time to set up your models correctly from the beginning in order to make sure they stay useful throughout the project, but what does that mean exactly? This class will help you figure out what you need to think about in order to be the most nimble, informed, design consultant out there while also helping you understand how to use Revit software to accomplish much without a ton of work. Work smarter, not harder-start today!

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to design more efficiently by utilizing the tools we have now
  • Learn how to more easily translate your building design intent to the client
  • Learn how to keep better track of design intention versus design effects
  • Learn how to think more creatively about design documentation



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