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Designing with Custom Railing Panels in Revit

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    Calling all architects! Want to add more than basic railings for your monumental stair in Revit software? This class is for you. Custom railing paneling can be fun to design but challenging to model, even with a good fundamental knowledge of Revit software's railing systems. In this session, you will learn to create the custom parts you need and put them together in an accurately modeled railing that will look great in 3D and still be easy to document in your drawings. We'll also cover some shortcuts and ways to avoid common issues throughout the process. At the end of the class, you'll be able to take home all sample files and family templates for your own use. Prerequisites for this course include a working knowledge of railing systems in Revit, as well as some experience with the family editor. It is highly recommended that attendees watch AR18637 "Handrail Hacks" using Autodesk University online prior to the class to ensure maximum benefit.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to generate unique baluster patterns and panel families
    • Learn how to modify railing designs to fit any length or slope
    • Learn how to add detail and materials to custom railings
    • Learn how to create accurate railings that convey design intent in drawings and renderings