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Designing for the Circular Economy with Fusion 360

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    Products have been designed as if resources are unlimited. The take, bake, make, waste approach has valuable materials, erroneously called waste, landfilled. We need to design products so that these resources loop back into a material cycle. This closed loop approach recognizes natural limits and values materials through the end of their first product life and instead designs products for a Circular Economy. This session will contextualize the crisis our current system has created, then share case studies that illustrate both environmental and economic advantages gained by businesses with cyclical material flows. The session will conclude with a first hand account inside the Circular Economy design process, as the winner of the 2016 Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge for Best Professional Product shares insights into how he used AutoDesk’s Fusion 360 software to develop his award winning BikeShare Helmet.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the principles of a Circular Economy
    • Share specific Circular Economy case studies
    • Follow Circular Economy principles using Fusion 360
    • Inspire others regarding Circular Economy benefits