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Design to Fabrication then Fabrication ESTmep: Using the Design Model for Estimating Using Fabrication Parts

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    Have you started seeing Revit files from architects or engineers at bid time? Do the projects that your CAD department is currently working on have access to the Revit files? Even if this is not the case, but you would like to take advantage of the Revit Design to Fabrication Parts, this is the class for you. In this class, we will review your options on how to use the Revit file design items into Fabrication Parts directly inside of Revit. Once we've converted the Revit design items, we'll learn how to export a .MAJ file out of Revit and open it with Fabrication ESTmep software. Once we've opened the file in Fabrication ESTmep, we'll look at options to review pricing and labor along with running reports and data exports.

    Key Learnings

    • Hear a review of Revit file contents and use of View Filters to assist
    • Discover options to convert a Revit design to Fabrication Parts directly inside of Revit and make conversions
    • Learn how to export a .MAJ file out of Revit to be opened with Fabrication CADmep, Fabrication ESTmep, and Fabrication CAMduct
    • See a review of a .MAJ file in Fabrication ESTmep to run reports and data exports containing estimating information