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Design Exploration of CNC Machine Components Using Generative Design

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    Generative design is often seen as an alien parts generator. In this session, we will share how we incorporated this design exploration method into our traditional design process, and how we applied the method on a very typical welded parts assembly of an automatic tools changer on a CNC machine tool. With no specific expectations, as we believed it was already fully optimized, we achieved almost 20% of mass reduction, positively impacting the overall machine precision. And as a side benefit—we got really good-looking parts. You'll learn which selection method we used to identify potential parts for generative design and how we defined the success criteria. We'll cover the whole process, from multiple designs exploration up to production and installation itself. We'll also discuss our generative design rollout plan.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement generative design in a traditional industrial machinery business.
    • Learn about applying generative design on existing products to improve their performances.
    • Explore a strategy for generative design pilot and rollout.
    • Discover the potential benefits of an automated design exploration in your company.