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Demonstrating the Value of Digital Twins in Operations for Pharma 4

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    More and more complex assets are delivered with a digital model that has undeniable importance in the CapEx (capital expenditure) phase. However, a basic question arises for a pharmaceutical leader like GSK: What are the business and manufacturing benefits that can be derived from this smart digital representation of assets, and how? Through "design thinking" tools and an agile approach, we answer this question by focusing on making daily life easier for the shop floor teams. The basic principle focuses on the "spatial contextualization" of information through a 3D or 2D model to support team decision making and team collaboration. The bottom line: The information contextualization enables a prioritization of daily activities and eliminates time previously spent searching for the right information or any asset component. We will share the four phases of this pharma 4.0 digital innovation project: exploration, prototyping, showcasing, and implementation in an interactive storytelling format.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to carry out a digital innovation project by applying design thinking and the agile method
    • Learn about digitalizing collaboration and supporting shop floor activity prioritization
    • Learn how to create value from the digital asset (BIM) beyond engineering and construction delivery
    • Learn about promoting innovation to obtain stakeholders buy-in and the necessary resources and sponsorship following a startup approach