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Debugging Your Fusion Design: Let's Get Rid of Red and Yellow Features

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    Even the best Fusion 360 designers sometimes end up with errors and warnings in their designs. Those errors and warnings are there for a reason. The purpose of this class is to help you fix your Fusion 360 design when it breaks, and learn how to prevent those errors from occurring in the first place. We'll explore the tools and techniques that are available in Fusion 360 to help you repair a wide variety of fusion errors and warnings that can happen when working with a Fusion 360 design. We'll expose you to enough of the internals of Fusion 360 so that you can understand the root cause of these errors. We believe this understanding will help you both to fix the errors when they happen and also how to design/edit in such a way that you avoid ever seeing the errors in the first place. This class will only cover the Design workspace and tools; it will not cover CAM/manufacture, simulation, or drawings.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn to identify common errors in a Fusion 360 Design. Discover their underlying causes, and ways to fix them.
    • Learn to understand which design practices will produce the most-stable designs, preventing errors from happening.
    • Learn how to edit a Fusion 360 design in such a way that you do not introduce errors into your design.
    • Explore some "debugging" tools and techniques available in Fusion 360.