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Data Mining Techniques: Creating Pre- and Post-Development Drawings and Hydrographs

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    This hands-on lab covers data mining techniques using AutoCAD® Map 3D and Autodesk® Storm and Sanitary Analysis software. We cover how to effectively use existing and created GIS layers to streamline creation of pre- and post-development drainage map drawings and to then import the data into Storm and Sanitary Analysis to create hydrographs. We examine technical workflows and provide useful tips for analyzing soils and pervious/impervious data as well as for automating filter basin data. We also touch on the new catchment workflows in AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software. We use several example projects to demonstrate project workflow from pre-planning all the way through basic drainage map project design.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the preplanning process required prior to analyzing soils and their perviousness or imperviousness with Map 3D
    • Create catchment and subbasins using various methods
    • Analyze GIS layers in Map 3D
    • Attach data for impervious and pervious areas