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Customizing Revit 2014 IFC Export Open Source Code
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Since the Revit 2012 release, Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) export from Revit has been based on .NET open source code, enabling Revit API users who are familiar with IFC to make their own customized versions of both the exporter and the associated UI. This class covers the major design concepts for the export code with the intention of understanding how to modify the open source code or how to create a custom exporter on top of the existing exporter. This class is intended for advanced users who know the principals of API development and/or IFC, and it includes looking at Revit 2014 open source .NET code.

Key Learnings

  • Find, download, and build the Revit IFC Export open source code
  • Describe the overall design of the Revit IFC Export open source code
  • Make simple changes to the code, such as adding a property set
  • Create a custom exporter on top of the open source code


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