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Customizing BIM 360 Field with Your Own Apps.

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    This class will cover how to customize BIM 360 Field software to work with your own apps using its API (Application Programming Interface). We will also cover best practices on how to use REST client applications to work faster and get the most out of the BIM 360 Field API. We will show 4 C# projects to demonstrate the BIM 360 Field API and show how you can get started faster. Finally, the class will discuss the current state of the API and the various scenarios and workflows supported. Please note that prior programming knowledge is required (Microsoft .NET) and an understanding of REST web services and the JavaScript API is recommended. This class is not suitable for developers at the beginner level.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to start development with BIM 360 Field API
    • Learn how to create workflows using REST apps for a faster development
    • Discover BIM 360 Field API-supported scenarios/workflows
    • Learn useful resources for the BIM 360 Field API