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The Crossroads of Civil 3D and Revit

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    For Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, multi-disciplinary firms, and many others, the question of primary authoring software can be a complicated one. Should it be Civil 3D? Should it be Revit? Or is there a need for it to be both? This industry talk will discuss and evaluate the criteria for how to decide the most appropriate software for a range of project types. We will also consider what sort of project may be best served by utilizing both software platforms. For projects that might utilize both platforms, we will discuss the challenges and some suggestions of best practices for executing such a project. Join us as we share what we have learned while navigating this intersection of these two platforms.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn which project types are best executed in Civil 3D
    • Learn which project types are best executed in Revit
    • Learn which project types are best executed in both Civil 3D and Revit
    • Discuss challenges and best practices for executing a project utilizing both Revit and Civil 3D