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Crossing the Rubicon: Migrating from AutoCAD to Inventor

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    AutoCAD software has always served as the common denominator for growth as CAD software has improved. It's been the native CAD language for a majority of users for decades. Safely managing the transition from a primarily 2D product, such as AutoCAD LT software, or from a primitive 3D AutoCAD to a powerful 3D parametric modeler is a must for any company. Improper understanding of the core Inventor tools and concepts can hinder your company's adoption of more-effective tools for design, and further delay the transition. This class will focus on the basics of Inventor for the AutoCAD user, as well as techniques to safely and effectively evolve your designs.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to navigate the Inventor interface and file types
    • Realize how associative files relate to each other in a digital prototype
    • Understand how Inventor models react to change
    • Initiate a learning path to gain more knowledge with the software