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Creating Technical Documentation with Inventor
Hands-on Lab    LO-HL05
Lars Nystrom
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Autodesk Inventor Presentation environment has been redesigned in Inventor 2017. The new timeline based workflows and snapshot views allow you to easily control exploded views, assemble animations and viewports so you can get the exact views you need for your technical documentation. This class will also cover best practices to speedup the workflow.

Key Learnings

  • Create technical documentation with the new Autodesk Inventor presentation environment
  • Understand how to leverage the timeline approach when creating animations
  • Assemble/disassemble a design and create 2Dannotations
  • Export video as well as printable media from exploded design


Lars Nystrom
Lars started as a consultant up in the northern part of Sweden spending his time with support, education, and installation of Autodesk MFG products focusing on industrial machining. Lars' main role for Autodesk is as a technical sales specialist for the MFG products with a focus on the Product Design Collections and Fusion 360. He has been very active helping customers find the right technical solutions during his 11-year career.


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