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Creating Fusion 360 Custom Commands

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    Go beyond writing simple scripts in Fusion 360 software and learn how to create powerful interactive custom commands. We’ll begin with a brief introduction to Fusion 360 software’s programming interface, and then dig deeper into Fusion 360 software’s programming interface to cover the details of creating add-ins and commands. We'll look at taking an existing script and converting it to a command within an add-in. The command will use a custom dialog to get various types of inputs from the user and provide an interactive preview of the results. Finally, it will create the result as a single operation so it can be undone by an undo operation. This session features Fusion 360.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the difference between scripts and add-ins
    • Understand how to implement Fusion 360 events
    • Understand how to use the different Fusion 360 command inputs
    • Understand the capabilities of Fusion 360 commands