Creating Custom Content for Autodesk® Plant Design Suite
Lecture    PD1536
Kimberley Hendrix, Kevin Marchant
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In this class, you will learn to create custom content for both Autodesk® P&ID and Autodesk Plant 3D software. We will focus on using tools such as legacy AutoCAD® data, previously created AutoCAD 3D solids, and Autodesk® Inventor® to create the content. You will learn to create and modify custom symbols. We will also show you how to create and maintain project templates that contain custom content as well as how to copy custom content from one project to another.

Key Learnings

  • Create and maintain project templates that include custom content
  • Copy custom content from one project to another
  • Create and modify custom AutoCAD P&ID symbols
  • Create and modify custom AutoCAD Plant 3D symbols


 Kimberley Hendrix
Kimberley Hendrix
Based in Tulsa, OK, Kimberley provides custom solutions for lean engineering, using Autodesk products and industry knowledge to streamline design and engineering departments. Kimberley has worked in the manufacturing/Plant industry for 24 years and specialized in automated solutions for the Heat Exchanger industry. She has worked with Autodesk® products since 1984. Kimberley is associated with D3 Technologies, LLC, as a Solutions Consultant, focusing on Plant, Automation, Data Management and Mechanical issues

 Kevin Marchant
Kevin Marchant

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