Creating Assemblies with Autodesk® Fusion 360
Lecture    MA3514
COLIN SMITH, Jay Tedeschi
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This class will introduce designers to Autodesk® Fusion 360 software, which combines the quick, free- form ,and organic modeling capabilities of T-Splines® with history-free solid modeling tools for shape refinement and communication of design intent. This class will focus on creating assemblies in Autodesk® Fusion 360. We will introduce participants to the steps for assembling components, creating joints, setting joint parameters, and showing motion. We will also show you methods for creating complex animations using motion study.

Key Learnings

  • Define and remove degrees of freedom for joints
  • Test model functionality
  • Create joins and set motion relationships for a set of components
  • Create complex animations


Product Manager for Autodesk® Fusion 360

 Jay Tedeschi
Jay Tedeschi
Jay Tedeschi, ISM Senior Technical Marketing Specialist, joined Autodesk in October of 1994. His primary focus is promoting the use and adoption of Autodesk’s suite of engineering, design and manufacturing software products. Prior to joining Autodesk, Jay worked as a Design Engineer in support of the United States Naval Undersea Systems/Warfare Center in New London CT. These responsibilities were primarily related to R&D and production design of various components of Attack Submarine Combat Systems. Subsequent to this, he was employed by an aerospace company, where he was part of an R&D team tasked with advanced product design for aircraft crew and passenger seating. His practical experience in industry has given Jay a broad background in multiple engineering disciplines, utilizing many different design tools and processes. These disciplines include shipbuilding, general outfitting design, electro-mechanical packaging as well as composite design and manufacture.


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