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Create a Custom Subassembly and Build a Roadway Corridor Model for Automated Machine Guidance Operations
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Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) paving has become a game changer in terms of construction quality, efficiency, and, perhaps most importantly, safety. Highways owners rarely release data that contractors can use for estimating and constructing roadways. However, the Federal Highway Administration is engaging highway owners in the United States to help them adopt 3D modeling as a standard business practice through an 'Every Day Counts 2' initiative. Highways owners leading the charge are releasing 3D data to contractors prebid for use in estimating and planning construction. This data usually takes the form of 3D linestrings and LandXML. This lab is for contractors who want to create a subassembly that will work with the 2D or 3D linestrings to build an AMG-ready roadway model that will output surfaces for earthwork, fine grading, and paving.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the safety, construction quality, and efficiency benefits of AMG operations
  • Learn how to create a custom subassembly that will build a roadway model efficiently using the owner's data
  • Learn how to build a corridor model using the custom subassembly and owner's data
  • Learn how to output surfaces and linestrings for AMG earthworks, fine grading, and paving operations


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