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Connected Coordination

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    With the advancement in pre-construction technology and enhancements in the Model Coordination product on Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), we can now take a massive step toward delivering fully coordinated construction models. This will ensure the quality of construction and reduce the wastage of construction materials. The key factor in delivering fully coordinated construction models is a closed-loop clash management system that allows stakeholders to identify and address potential clashes early in the project lifecycle. This results in reduced risks of delays and cost overruns, thus increasing project efficiency and enhancing project quality. In this lab, you will learn about automated clash detection using Model Coordination. You will get hands-on experience with the "closed-loop" end-to-end issue management system, supported by notifications so the users can be notified when you create clash issues. Finally, you will learn how to close the loop by resolving the clashes and changing the issue status to reflect the clash resolution.

    Key Learnings

    • Set up coordination space on ACC for the automated clash detection process
    • Convert non-urgent clashes (such as valid penetrations) into non-issues to be reviewed later in the project
    • Create clash issues on ACC, notify project members, and convert some issues into RFIs
    • Use the Navisworks Coordination Issues Add-In to convert Navisworks clashes into ACC issues