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Color Your World: Quick and Professional-Looking Images for Inventor

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    Have you ever searched the standard Autodesk Material and Appearance libraries and wondered why the color you need doesn't exist? That's because you haven't created it yet! This class explains the difference between a Material and an Appearance override and describes how you use them in your Inventor software model. We’ll look at how to create just the right color for your needs, how changing the Visual Style settings can change how that color will display, and how to create your own custom Inventor software Material and Appearance libraries. Finally, we’ll look at creating professional-looking rendered images directly from your working models.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the difference between a Materials and an Appearance override
    • Learn how to create new Material and Appearance overrides with custom libraries
    • Discover how Visual Styles affect Appearance colors
    • Learn how to make professional-looking rendered images directly from your working models