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Civil 3D Tips, Tricks, and Unnatural Acts: AU 2023 Edition

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    This session will be dedicated entirely to productivity techniques that will help improve your daily operations when working with Civil 3D software. These tips include automating regular tasks, using standard functions in new ways, exploring underutilized features, and even exploiting a handful of undocumented commands. We'll present the information using a real-world problem-solving context, rather than simply going feature by feature, so you can fully appreciate the "why" in addition to the "how." Come join us for this 90-minute session as we show you numerous ways to help you get the most from your Civil 3D investment.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to automate several tasks.
    • Learn how to make more use of underused features.
    • Learn how to use several standard functions in new ways.
    • Discover several useful undocumented commands.