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Lecture    MA2442
Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter: AutoCAD Electrical and Inventor Are Better Together
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Want to ensure that the physical version of your electrical design has enough space in the mechanical layout? Tired of discovering too-tight bend radii during the first prototype build? Interested in keeping your mechanical and electrical designs in sync? Skeptical that any of this really works in a real-world environment? Attend this class to learn about all of this from real-life examples of projects done by your peers from around the world. And learn why AutoCAD Electrical software and Inventor software are better together—just like chocolate and peanut butter.

Key Learnings

  • List and describe the benefits of the electro-mechanical design workflow
  • Describe the workflow capabilities of AutoCAD Electrical combined with Inventor
  • Use an AutoCAD-to-Inventor workflow
  • Use an Inventor-to-AutoCAD workflow


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