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Charlie and the Digital Factory—Making Of
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Take a captivating journey into a factory. See the magic behind the scenes when an Autodesk, Inc., business consultant and a Magna factory planner implement a real factory. It’s your chance of a lifetime to experience the wonder of Factory Design Suite software for developing, implementing, and managing a digital mockup that’s “just the ticket.” Beyond the Autodesk University gates astonishment awaits, as you gaze at best practice workflows that transform point clouds to as-built models and dazzle with production scenario simulations. Discover the thrill of piping systems in production environments, where cooling water and pressured air supplies respond to your every whim. Be the lucky chosen few to tell your friends about the time you save with early-bird materials and construction sequencing. Discover secrets beyond your wildest factory dreams, for efficient change planning with intelligent factory assets, building service equipment, and enhanced resource data management. This is the visit that nobody wants to miss.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the important aspects of managing the implementation of changes to a factory with Factory Design Suite components
  • Discover how to work with Factory Design Suite and further applications to prepare data for management change decisions
  • Learn how to collaborate with internal and external teams to manage all phases of the Digital Factory lifecycle
  • Discover how Digital Factory data is necessary to reduce commissioning and operation risks




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