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The CAD Manager Wish List: 2018 Edition

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    Previous CAD-manager wish-list sessions focused on the ancillary tools and programs that come with AutoCAD software, but haven’t been updated or improved since their release. We've discussed desired improvements to things like Reference Manager, Sheet Set Manager, Standards Checker, eTransmit, and Fields. In the 2018 edition, we’ll focus on your ideas for a perfect CAD management world. We’ll discuss your various bottlenecks and challenges, and what you, as the CAD manager would like to see as solutions. These solutions may be updates to current tools, or something that may not even exist (yet!). Attendees will be expected to actively participate, as an AutoCAD Product Team member will attend, so this is an opportunity to have the CAD manager’s voice heard!

    Key Learnings

    • Discuss your needs and wishes with Autodesk employees and your peers
    • Connect with seasoned CAD managers who may share your experiences
    • Discover best practices and innovative solutions to common CAD management issues
    • Join a community with common needs to direct future changes to the CAD manager's toolset