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The Business Proposition for Developing Custom Tools

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    In the era of 2D CAD, many firms invested in custom tools and development staff to write and maintain them. A firm's overall experience varied in terms of the success of this investment and just about everyone has a story to tell about being burned from spending money developing custom tools. However a number of market forces are coming into play that continue to drive the need to customize the Revit® software platform, and the question is, Do you rely entirely on third-party software or go back down the road of customization? This class explores the benefits of investing in the development of custom tools for your firm, and shows how Revit is really different this time for those who have a horror story to tell. This class looks at the tools Stantec has developed in the last year and the return on investment we have already seen. We also examine our overall strategy and approach to development.

    Key Learnings

    • Convey the value of custom tools for Revit
    • Explain the difference between tools and utilities in Revit versus CAD
    • Develop an internal strategy for development
    • Review resumes of potential candidates who develop Revit tools