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Building Trust in an Industry That’s Actively Avoiding It

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    Trust is the foundation of every relationship. This applies in personal and professional situations, like building a building. The level of trust within a project team, between designers, contractors, and trades, can have a major impact on project outcomes. Do contract structures help or hinder? Do our software tools add or reduce trust? Have we built a culture of mistrust and litigation in a race to shed risk? In this discussion, professionals from different backgrounds will discuss project challenges that may be encountered, their effect on trust in the project team, and possible resolution methods. We’ll explore ways to build and repair trust, how better communication can help, and what strategies may be available to build trust. We’ll discuss positive impacts these can have, and how to be more proactive from the start, leading to better project execution. We’ll seek ways to better collaborate, despite different backgrounds, goals, and expectations, to ensure a successful project.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe challenges that may be encountered in a project team, how they affect trust, and possible ways of resolving them
    • Build on best practices to enable better communication between project participants, such as designer, builders, and owners
    • Apply different techniques for resolving conflict when it occurs
    • Learn methods and tools to incorporate better trust and collaboration into a project from the beginning