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Building Patterns-Based Forge Integrations Using MuleSoft

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    This class will provide an introduction to building integrations with the Forge platform using standard integration patterns in Mulesoft. Mulesoft is a lightweight event-driven Enterprise Service Bus that provides a robust encapsulation of the core integration patterns as described in the popular book Enterprise Integration Patterns by Hohpe and Woolf. We will demonstrate a custom Forge Anypoint connector built on the Mulesoft integration platform that allows for easy access to the capabilities provided by the Forge platform. Using this connector, Forge functions can be accessed directly from the business process flow editor in Mulesoft. We will go over how businesses can leverage this connector to build repeatable integration solutions using Forge and other enterprise applications. The class will provide a technical demo of a business process orchestration connecting a application and Netsuite with Forge. By using the Mule ESB for Forge integrations, enterprises can benefit by using standard canonical models to interface with multiple systems as well as leverage common enterprise services for monitoring and security. (Joint AU/Forge DevCon class).

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Forge API from an enterprise integration platform
    • Learn how to use integration best practices for connecting enterprise systems to the Forge platform
    • Learn how to use common services and canonical data models when interfacing with Forge
    • Learn how to develop a custom connector for Forge in MuleSoft