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Boost Your Career with CAD Management Savings
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Great CAD managers know that they can positively impact the bottom line by making projects run smoother and by reducing errors, but they often have difficulty getting their management teams to understand. In this session, we'll talk about ways to integrate CAD management into project workflows in a way that cuts rework and gets more work done in fewer man-hours-saving the company money on every project. CAD managers will learn valuable tips for selling this approach to their senior managers, while IT and senior managers will gain valuable perspectives on how CAD management can impact their company's profitability. Along the way, we'll pay particular attention to measuring savings and computing the return on investment for CAD management. If you want to get your boss to notice and listen to you, save him or her money with the concepts you'll learn in this class-and watch your career take off.

Key Learnings

  • Learn to identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Learn to quantify rework and error costs
  • Learn to prioritize task loads based on savings
  • Learn to build and document a plan using ROI logic



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