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Up on Blocks and Under the Hood: Dissecting the New Features in 3ds Max 2016

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    3ds Max 2016 software has shipped and you may have heard or even seen the new features, but do you know how they work or what tips or insights you can gain for using them? In this class we’ll take a deep dive into the top new features in the latest release and explore some key benefits of some of the other new features. Did you know you could create new modifiers with the Max Creation Graph editor? What does the updated Xref system mean for you? What is the difference between TurboSmooth and Open Subdiv? Did you know you could create your own customer templates? This fast-paced session will cover these features, and hopefully more.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the Max Creation Graph and what it’s all about
    • See how the renovated Xref will improve your workflow
    • Discover the difference between TurboSmooth and Open Subdiv and when to use them
    • Learn how to create custom templates to speed up workflows