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Best Practices: Using Revit in a Unified Work Flow

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    Are you utilizing Revit software in a manner that helps support the entire project team? If not, it's time to take Revit software to the next level. Get every trade to create models that can be used efficiently by everyone involved in all phases of the project to support a unified work flow. Learn how to implement your Revit software knowledge in a way that can save time and money, as well as maximize efficiency throughout every phase of a project. Based on our experience at Southland Industries, we will highlight how moving in this direction benefits you as a designer along with everyone else involved in the project. We will demonstrate everything from project setup to modeling practices in Revit software that lead to properly coordinated constructible models. We will provide a detailed breakdown of how we use Revit software models throughout every phase of a project in order to show the importance of improving the quality of models used from the very beginning.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up a Revit software model so that you can use it in a unified work flow
    • Learn how to sequence a design for constructability
    • Understand how the quality and constructability of your model impacts the other trades during every phase of a project
    • Learn how to work more efficiently and save money through the life of a project