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BIM on Large-Scale Projects
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So you just won a major new project and your client has told you to go buy a big box of BIM Level 9 with the Collaboration & CDE add-ons. You've booked a meeting room too, so things just got real. Luckily, we've banged our heads against this wall for you, so come hear some of our stories on projects ranging from the new Heathrow expansion to Biomes in China or the Oman desert and others in between. We'll discuss challenges such as mobilisation, the human side of BIM (TM), data workflows and how we tackled them, and more.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the impact of early decisions on delivery infrastructure & team organisation
  • mobilisation of a large-scale team for a large-scale project
  • Learn how to approach projects as a workflow = computational design approach at project-scale
  • Learn real-world ways to tackle issues & challenges on large projects


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