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From BIM to Construction Robotics and Beyond

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    Construction is a labor intensive process in the physical world. The word “BIM” has tried to take the construction industry by storm, but from its introduction a few decades ago until now, we are still not seeing the level of adoption as expected. One major challenge to getting the full value out of your coordinated BIM is the complexity in translating what has been done in BIM into the field... the physical world. With CAD and PDFs, every construction instruction is now digital — why can’t the field take advantage of BIM? In this presentation, we will discuss some of the issues that have held back extracting full value from BIM, how that value can be unlocked with construction robotics, and what more is to come! On-site construction robotics brings the ability to connect the digital world to the physical world.

    Key Learnings

    • Reinforce some of the challenges of BIM implementation
    • Learn about the opportunities to translate your coordinated BIM to the field
    • Learn about the landscape of construction robotics (that require BIM or not)
    • Hear about some of the upcoming innovations that will impact the construction industry