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BIM 360 and Advance Steel Workflow

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    In this session, we will look at how Advance Steel software has its own dedicated file management and creation process and how this can be adjusted to reflect the needs of working with BIM 360 documents, taking into account some changes required within the Advance Steel file-naming system and drawing-creation processes. We will cover how this local PC-based structure we typically see is replicated with a cloud model and the documents derived from that cloud-based model. We will then move into tracking the versions of the model and using the comparison tool in BIM 360 software to show differences and changes within the model. We will also monitor the progress of the model through the different versions.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use the desktop connector to link to the BIM 360 interface for project materials.
    • Learn how to work with the Advance Steel model at a desktop level and sync with the BIM 360 interface.
    • Learn how to use the BIM 360 compare tools for model and drawings comparison.
    • Learn how to use the BIM 360 collaboration and clash checking tools.