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BIM 360 Field, Barcodes, and the Power of a Door Frame

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    This lecture will consist of a walkthrough of the door frame barcoding process and the integration with BIM 360 Field Issue & Equipment Tracking. We will take the class through a step-by-step process of Project Understanding & Setup, BIM 360 Field Information Inputting and Setup (2 options), On-site tagging and finally Issue and Equipment tracking using BIM 360 Field and the Barcodes. The class would conclude with a Lessons Learned segment.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand issue tracking using BIM 360 Field software and barcodes
    • Learn how to set up, create, and produce barcodes for doorframes on a project
    • Understand on-site implementation of this process
    • Understand and learn how to communicate efficiencies gained by this process to company and project stakeholders