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BIM 360 for Design Collaboration, Review and Issues Management

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    In the AU 2021, I am planning to present how BIM 360 can help for Design Collaboration, Review and Issues Management between multiple disciplines in the same company or different companies. In WME, how we make use of BIM 360 for various design process and stages like design collaboration, design review, transmittal creation and Issues management. These features are helping us to collaborate within our team and with external parties. We use various workflows for design collaboration, reviews and issues management for the effective collaboration. We use Desktop connector for Navisworks and CAD files. Now we are exploring model coordination and the new feature of Naming convention standard as per ISO standard. We are enjoying and exploring more on new features from Autodesk.

    Key Learnings

    • Design Collaboration Workflows
    • Design Review Workflows
    • Issues Management workflows
    • Desktop Connector and Coordination Add-in for Navisworks & Working CAD files in BIM 360