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Hands-on Lab    SD5132-L
Automation Prototyping: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Dynamo and the Revit API
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The class will provide a walk-through of a sample project that is automated in the Dynamo visual programming language extension and using the Revit software API (application programming interface). This apples-to-apples comparison will showcase the best uses for each tool, helping attendees to draw their own conclusions as to how the Dynamo extension and/or the Revit software API may fit into their current practices. When is it appropriate to learn and implement the Revit software API? Is the Dynamo extension a flexible enough environment for project-based automation or is it a stepping-stone for the API? These are just some questions we will discuss and try to answer together while discovering some of the features of each tool.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the Dynamo extension implementation for project automation and how it compares to the Revit software API
  • Understand Revit software's API functionality in relation to family placement and manipulation
  • Understand when the use of the Dynamo extension may be most beneficial to your current practice
  • Understand the Dynamo extension as a possible interface for prototyping Automation Solutions for eventual production in the Revit software API


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