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Automating and Customizing Applications Using the Fusion 360 API
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You can use the Fusion 360 software API (application programming interface) to automate time-consuming processes or customize Fusion 360 software to fit your needs. By the end of this class, you will learn why and how you can use the Fusion 360 API to serve your company—or your customers, if you’re planning to build an app and sell it on the App Store. First, you will learn what kinds of API programs are already available from the App Store. Then, you’ll learn how to use the API to create your own applications specific to your industry. Through live coding and demonstrations, we will showcase the simplicity, usefulness, and possibilities of the API, and we’ll share resources in learning and using the Fusion 360 API. From these demos, you will learn how to create, edit, and run your own API script. You will learn basic document structure, syntax, and needed parameters. We will also discuss the most-effective methods for you or your employees to continue learning about this topic and implementing it in your company. This session features Fusion 360.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the usefulness and simplicity of the Fusion 360 API
  • Learn about the API’s structure and how to create, edit, and run scripts
  • Discover the resources available in learning the API
  • Explore potential applications for your own industry


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