Lecture    MA4349-P
Autodesk® SketchBook® Designer Through the Phases of Design
david bentley
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In this class, we will cover using Autodesk SketchBook Designer to create a product design. We will discuss the research phase of design and design ideation. Then we will talk about using SketchBook Designer to refine the concept design. Finally, we will examine design rendering. The class will focus on styling and creative conceptual designs, especially early design phases. We will bring a design into final rendering.

Key Learnings

  • Describe rendering techniques for visual communication in SketchBook Designer
  • Take an initial design concept through clean rendering using SketchBook Designer curve tools
  • Design products with research, character, product constraints, and audience in mind
  • Break old habits by designing in new ways: silhouetting out designs, mirroring images, and custom brushes


 david bentley
david bentley
David Bentley, illustrator, modeler, animator, and 3D visualization artist. He is currently an assistant professor at the College for Creative Studies, in the Entertainment Arts Dept. David graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design from the Brigham Young University in 1997. He then worked as a Creative Designer at General Motors Design. Three years later, David left GM to consult for Alias|wavefront at Chrysler Design where he worked with designers to enhance workflows and solve problems. He left DCX to work at Lear as a Senior designer on the GT40 Ford production program as well as the advanced design studio. In 2003, he joined Alias as an Application Engineer for design and entertainment software, and was a part of Autodesk following their acquisition of Alias, for 2 years as the Solutions Engineer for Global Accounts, specializing in Conceptual Design from 2D to 3D to Visualization, using Sketchbook Pro, Mudbox, Alias Studio, and Maya.

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