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Autodesk Solutions for the Industry of the Future
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The Industry of the Future touches 6 main domains: product design and process, control, fabrication, services and maintenance, big-data analytics, and work organization. The first main step is the digitalization of factories for new (greenfield) and existing (brownfield) factories. In this way, the digital mockup of factories lets us simulate and experiment before it’s real. With efficient, easy-to-deploy solutions, Autodesk helps factory owners to achieve this very important phase of the Industry of the Future, not in the future, but now. This class will show you how Autodesk software lets you digitalize, simulate, and experiment with your factories.

Key Learnings

  • Better understand the needs of the Industry of the Future
  • Learn how to associate the BIM and the process design to create a digital twin of factories
  • Learn about positioning Autodesk to address the Industry of the Future needs with ROI analysis
  • Understand through examples how to deploy Autodesk factory digitalization solution


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The Industry of the Future

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