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The Autodesk PDMC - Remarkable Workflows Need Remarkable Hardware

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    <p>Join us for a networking lunch and learn session. Witness lethal hybrid performance and flexibility for Autodesk Workflows. Today, Mobile workstations are 100% more powerful than they were only 4 years ago at many Autodesk product design workflows. Maybe you thought it wasn't worthwhile upgrading your existing system yet, after all, a faster workstation doesn't make you a better engineer or designer. But with todays Intel Core HX hybrid Mobile Workstations, you will be measurably passively more productive. Autodesk Expert Elite Neil Cross along with Dell demonstrate the incredible flexibility and blistering performance of current generation Mobile Workstations with Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, come and witness what's possible and have your questions answered in this lunch & learn special.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how new hybrid processor technology makes a significant difference to productivity
    • Experience what the latest and greatest mobile workstations available today can do for your work
    • Navigate the workstation market and choose the right hardware for your work
    • Have your questions answered by Autodesk, Dell & Intel experts