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Up and Running with Inventor Nastran: Tops Tips and Workflows

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    Inventor Nastran software is a powerful and comprehensive tool available within the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection. This session will introduce you to over 20 Top Inventor Nastran Tips and will include going through different type of connectors including Rigid, Spring and Rod elements using various examples demonstrating Inventor nastran live including Blast Load and Drop Test scenarios. You will be introduced to Linear analysis and Nonlinear Analysis using both implicit and explicit solvers including Nonlinear Transient Response Analysis and Explicit Dynamics Analysis. The session workflows will be based on industry best practices and my experience with working with designers and engineers. The goal of this session is to make you more confident in using Inventor Nastran software, and thus help you make better and more-innovative products within your workplace. The knowledge gained in this session will be also be relevant to Fusion Simulation as it uses the same technology as Inventor Nastran.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to perform lifting simulation of a spreader beam with Load.
    • Learn how to perform Drop Test using Impact Analysis and Explicit Analysis.
    • Learn how to perform Blast Load Analysis using Nonlinear Transient Response Analysis.
    • Learn top simulation tips for using Autodesk Inventor Nastran.