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Five Autodesk Inventor iLogic productivity hacks for non-programmers! [Lab]

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    'Yeah - that can probably be done with iLogic.' Did you ever hear this and wonder - HOW? If you're curious about iLogic Automation in Autodesk Inventor, but don't know where to start, now is your chance to bend iLogic to your will! In this hands-on lab, you will get started with Autodesk Inventor iLogic and discover simple techniques to save time and effort in parts, assemblies, and drawings. We'll walk through five iLogic examples that will teach you the basics of iLogic, increase your confidence - and show you the potential of including iLogic into your everyday work. The class includes datasets and full written and recorded video instructions so you can take the examples back to your office for practice and add the techniques you've learned into your workflow. This is a beginner-level class in iLogic for confident Inventor users. If you've heard about iLogic but never tried it out, this class is for you!

    Key Learnings

    • Get started with Inventor iLogic
    • Apply iLogic in parts, assemblies and drawings
    • Gain confidence in iLogic Automation
    • Consider how iLogic could help you automate 'busywork' to increase your productivity