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The Autodesk Moldflow Synergy API part 2: Building real world applications
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In this class we will show how to build practical API scripts using the API in the Moldflow Insight software product. We will explore concepts such as functions and error checking. The class will introduce the API functionality and conventions through a series of scripts that highlight common tasks completed with the API. Key areas covered will include building a custom report generator, modifying geometry, modifying analysis inputs, running simulations, and interfacing with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. We will take some time to explain the data formats stored with the Study (.sdy) file. This knowledge is invaluable to API users wishing to change property data guidelines on buildings. We will also discuss high-performance scripts. The lab will consist of a mixture of lectures and hands-on exercises to ensure that we cover the theoretical and practical aspects of building API scripts. Some programming knowledge is preferred, but not required.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how to build real-world applications with the Simulation Moldflow Synergy API
  • Discover a new report generator written using the API
  • Discover how data can be manipulated and stored in the Study (.sdy) file
  • Discover how data is stored in the Study (.sdy) file


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